Accent Modification

What can Accent Modification do for you?

Be Understood with Less Frustration

Expand Professional Opportunities

Boost Confidence Speaking with Friends and Colleagues

Enhanced Listening and Understanding

More Effective Communication

Improved Presentation Skills

Boost Confidence Speaking with Friends and Colleagues

Easier Phone Conversations

Health Professionals 

 • Communicate with patients and staff 
 • Eliminate misunderstanding with treatment and dosages 
 • Reduce patient frustration 


 • Help students understand content 
 • Work with researchers around the world 

Business & Marketing

 • Conduct meetings efficiently
 • Give better presentations
 • Increase sales over the phone
 • Be confident speaking with the international team 


• Work and communicate effectively in American English 
 • Be understood in court


 • Better communication on projects
 •  Eliminate potentially dangerous misunderstandings


  • More confidence in auditions
  • Play more roles
  • Communicate more easily with directors,
producers, and audiences  

Empowered Communication

Give presentations with ease. Don’t fear speaking on the phone! Stop being asked to repeat yourself.

What will you learn?

We will identify trouble spots in your speaking.

Then, we will teach you techniques and exercises to retrain your facials muscles to pronounce words and sounds like a native speaker.

Eventually, we will work on intonation and flow, all leading up to extended conversation that is easily understood.

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