Accent Modification


Accent Modification

Empower Your Speaking!

Who is this for?

Do people have trouble understanding you when you speak English? Are you sometimes scared (Frightened) of taking on English speaking clients or coworkers because you think you won’t be able to converse with them?

Miscommunications in the workplace can lead to embarrassing, counterproductive and possible harmful situations

Your English speaking skills might be holding you back. If you are reading this, you already understand English. What you need to improve is your ability to speak and be understood.

Our teachers have been teaching English for a long time; we have worked with hundreds of students from around the world. Do you know the biggest concern of most of our students? Speaking. Most of our students are terrified of speaking English! Why? Because they’re scared that someone will not understand them.

Some students try to practice speaking and pronunciation with DVD’s or YouTube videos. Some even use books or worksheets to try and improve their speaking. These are not the solution!

Why? Because you don’t have a real person to speak with. There is no one to correct you or give you ideas on how to improve.

Our solution: actually speaking with a native speaker.

At Student Planet, we think that the best way to improve your pronunciation, is to actually speak English with an experienced teacher. All of our teachers are native speakers!

That is exactly what you do in our Accent Modification classes. We’ve already helped many students improve their speaking, pronunciation, and intonation through these specialized classes. We’re ready to help you too!

Hear what our students say:

Roberta from Brazil said, “We worked with some texts and words that I use at work. So it was a good way to improve my vocabulary in my job. My teacher knows how to explain the topic and gives me examples and explanations about the theme. I feel that my pronunciation improved a lot. The homework is very useful.

Mertcan from Turkey said, “Before I started my classes with Tommy, I always had some difficulties being understood by people. After I had some classes for my pronunciation, I can speak to my teachers and fellow students clearer than before. People can understand me better!”

What exactly do you get with Accent Modification classes at Student Planet?

First, you’ll speak with 2 of our teachers (Yes, two!) who will find out what your biggest weaknesses are in speaking English. Then they will come up with a step-by-step plan to help you improve.

After each 1-hour class, you’ll have homework. Yes, there is homework! The homework is more like specific practice and exercises that you’ll need to do. After just a few weeks of class, you’ll already start noticing a difference in your pronunciation.

Once we have trained your muscles to pronounce English sounds more clearly, you’ll begin working on stress and intonation – two of the most important parts of speaking! These will be some of the hardest classes, but they will make such a difference in how easily people can understand you.

Upon completing the Accent Modification classes, you’ll speak English more clearly. Phone conversations will be easier. You’ll have more practice and confidence in giving presentations in English.

All Accent Modification Package Include…

  • A free, 1-hour diagnostic with two teachers
  • Classes designed specifically for you
  • 1-on-1 classes
  • 20% off Lifetime Membership to Saundz-logo-full
  • Hours of free take-home practice
  • Video recordings of all sessions
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