Career Development


Career Development

Career Development is an interdisciplinary field which takes into account workplace dynamics, individual growth and change. You’ll get an assessment first to ascertain your motives, core values, and preferences for the job. And then, we’ll work together on gathering information about workplace options and helping you develop strategies to reach your career goals.

Course Outline (Eight to ten hours based on individual needs)

  • The composition and configuration of jobs¬†& global career paths
  • Career Assessment
    • Prioritize your career core values
    • Identify and develop professional skills
    • Identify and understand your motives
    • Understand your job skills based on orgs and management styles
    • Assess your career interests
    • Organize assessment result
  • ¬†Developing a strategic career plan: The first job or transition or retirement
  • A solution-oriented job & career exploration
    • Field research and interview skills
    • CV & Resume
    • Building a personal network & recommendations
    • Using networking to secure referrals and interviews


  • Gain career confidence & industry insights- when you are well-prepared
  • Encouragement & Inspiration- reducing anxiety, fear and vulnerability in you.
  • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) Assessment report filed in the US for potential employers

Who is it for?

  • Professionals in all stages of work and life, including those transitioning fields
  • Students looking for their first job
  • Individuals re-entering the job market or facing retirement
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