Desert Excursion


Learn English in our Art is Alive Desert Tour!

Traveling in SP’s Mobile Classroom is a great way to experience the fun and odd or as we say eclectic! San Diego is home to many out of the ordinary places and structures and we will be teaching you about them along the way. This is an awesome way for ESL students to learn and practice new vocabulary, pronunciation and conversation skills! Our Mobile Classroom will be taking you to Salvation Mountain, Slab City, the Sand Dunes and the Sea Level Monument and we always try to throw in one or two more quirky spots. All you have to do is kick back and enjoy the ride and absorb the history and fun trivia. We say it is an awesome excursion because you will be in awe as you take in all which there is to see.

*For our ESL students, English ONLY! This is an immersion program to better your American English skills. No Exceptions!

ESL Student Prices Start at $139.00 USD
Non-Student Travelers Prices Start at $159.00 USD