Julian and Borrego Springs


Learn English and Discover the Fun, Fantastic, Historical Julian and Borrego Springs!

SP’s Mobile Classroom takes you through 4 distinct climate zones, the environment changes with the minutes as we drive you to the celebrated mountain gold mining town of Julian! There is no more gold left unless you are talking about the Apple Pie, this iconic masterpiece delights the palate! Maybe a little vanilla ice cream to go with? The Oasis Camel Dairy, yes we have camels in Southern California, it’s a desert, duh! Take photos and learn about how beneficial camel’s milk is for you humans and practice your English skills by asking lots of questions and interaction. Once you have had time to explore and a little shopping, we go down the mountain, how do you pronounce this word correctly? Come with and find out! Borrego Springs is an artisan and retirement colony and it has some hip works of art, a fun downtown area, and we take you on the Metallic Desert Art tour. This is a fantastic photo op! In the spring, you will experience the Desert Bloom, this is unbelievably beautiful but it only lasts 3-4 weeks so don’t miss it! We go back up the hill and make a stop at the famous San Ysabel and have a short break, grab a snack and get some fresh baked bread, the bakery is awesome! Kick back and relax, talk about the trip, English only please, and arrive back in Old Town. This is a trip that you will want to take at different times of the year because the experience changes with the seasons.

*For our ESL students, English ONLY! This is an immersion program to better your American English skills. No Exceptions!

ESL Student Prices Start at $139.00 USD
Non-Student Travelers Prices Start at $149.00 USD