Learn English and Discover Yuma in SP’s Mobile Classroom!

San Diego is a very diverse area, the culture, people, history and climates. In our Mobile Classroom we take you from the Pacific Coast, to the valleys, up the mountains to the desert, across the Colorado River and to Historic Yuma all in one day! Journey with us to destinations which have connected and also influenced the migration to San Diego and the American southwest. The distinct landscapes, historical locations and funky architecture, and our ESL students will be getting many opportunities to learn and practice their English skills, here we go! You will be able to shop at quaint retailers and dine in downtown Yuma at some of their iconic eateries, visit the notoriously feared Yuma Territorial Prison, walk the East - West Coast connection, be dwarfed by the Dunes, Plank Highway?, you will learn about it, and take in the Desert Tower and the spectacular views, the museum and trek through the Boulder Park, it is a kick! Then enjoy the relaxing and lovely views on the way back to Old Town. The memories, photos and videos will be nothing but breathtaking, your friends will be soo jealous!(yes, 2 o’s)

*For our ESL students, English ONLY! This is an immersion program to better your American English skills. No Exceptions!

ESL Student Prices Start at $139.00 USD
Non-Student Travelers Prices Start at $149.00 USD